Additel 761A-LLP/D

  • Automated and self-contained pressure generation and control to 35 psi ( 2.5 bar)
  • Up to 0.02%FS accuracy
  • Two removable internal pressure modules for multi-range selection
  • Control stability to 0.005%FS

At  Additel,  innovation  and  continuous  improvement  are  part  of  our  company's  culture  and  the  products  we  introduce.  When  we  set  out  to  deliver  the  Additel  761A  series  calibrators,  we  knew  we  needed  to  provide  breakthrough  improvements  and  additional  value  to  the  existing  line  of  calibrators  (Additel  761  series).  The  ADT761A  has  many  improvements:  increased  pressure  range  to  1,000  psi  (70  bar),  removable  internal pressure modules, optional precision models to 0.01%FS, increased speed to pressure,  ability  to  read  two  external  pressure  modules,  touch  screen  display,  Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth, and Ethernet communications, double the original battery life, and more!

The Additel 761A-LLP is designed for low pressure calibration and comes with a ±30 inH2O (±75 mbar) high range module and a low range module of your choice ranging from ±20 inH2O to as low as ±0.25 inH2O (±50 to ±0.62 mbar). This unit has an accuracy of 0.05%FS with control stability better than 0.005%FS. All measurements can be made in differential or gauge pressures.

The Additel 761A-D also provides differential and gauge measurement which covers the range of -13.5 to 35 psi (-0.95 to 2.5 bar). This unit comes with a CP35 module (-13.5 to 35 psi) and one low range module of your choice rangeing as low as ±10 inH2O (25 mbar). Each ADT761A-D can be preconfigured with the modules that fit your need to give you the best precision at the pressures you perform calibrations.

High Pressure Automatic Calibration

Pressure Gauge,  Transmitter, or Switch Calibration

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Pressure Specifications
Specification 761A-LLP 761A-D 761A-500 761A-1K 761A-APXR 761A-BP
Max Pressure Range 30 inH2O (75 mbar) 35 psi (2.5 bar) 500 psig (35 bar.g) 1,000 pisg (70 bar.g) Dependent on APXR 1,200 hPasensor
Min Pressure Range -30 inH2O (-75 mbar) -13.5 psi (-0.95 bar) -13 psi (-0.9 bar) -13 psi (-0.9 bar) Dependent on APXR 100 hPasensor
Accuracy(1) 0.05%FS 0.02%FS 0.02%FS 0.02%FS 0.01%FS 0.01%FS
Stability 0.005%FS or 0.05 Pa 0.005%FS 0.005%FS 0.005%FS 0.003%FS 0.02 hPa
Pressure Type Differential, Gauge Differential, Gauge Gauge, Absolute Gauge, Absolute Gauge, Absolute Absolute
Over Range Indication 1.2
Resolution 6 digits
Measurement Units Pa, hPa, kPa, mPa, bar, mbar, psi, mmHg@0°C, cmHg@0°C, mHg@0°C, inHg@0°C, inH2O@4°C, mmH2O@4°C, cmH2O@4°C, mH2O@4°C, mmH2O@20°C, cmH2O@20°C, mH2O@20°C, inH2O@20°C, kg/m2, mtorr, torr, lb/ft2, tsi, custom
Barometric Accuracy N/A N/A 55 Pa 55 Pa 55 Pa N/A
[1] One year accuracy (including 1 year stability). FS specification applies to the span of the module range.
[2] Specification based on gauge measurement. An additional 60 pa uncertainty will need to be included when measuring in absolute mode. Applicable only for use with the ADT761A-500 and ADT761A-1K
* Additel 761A calibrators support 160A intelligent digital pressure modules that are available for gauge, vacuum and absolute pressure from -15 psi to 60,000 psi (-1 bar to 4200 bar).For detailed specs, see the 160A pressure module data sheet.


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Additel 761A Automated Pressure Calibrator Datasheet 2019.8.26 1.8 MB
ADT761A Selection Guide.pdf 2019.8.26 0.1 MB
Additel 761A User Manual 2018.3.28 2.2 MB

Update Packages:

File name Upload Date Size
Additel 761A Firmware Package 2019.12.10 11.1 MB

Selection Guide
Pressure Range-75 to 75 mbar (-30 to 30 inH2O)-0.95 to 2.5 bar.g (-13.5 to 35 psig)-0.90 to 35 bar.g (-13 to 500 psig)-0.90 to 70 bar.g (-13 to 1000 psig)-0.90 to 70 bar.g (-13 to 1000 psig)100 to 1,200 hPa
Control Stability<0.005%FS or 0.05Pa<0.005%FS<0.005%FS<0.005%FS<0.003%FS<0.02 hPa
Number of Internal Modules222211
Removable Internal Modules
Differential Pressure
Gauge Pressure
Absolute Pressure
Barometric Pressure
Two External Pressure Modules
Built-in Electric Pump
Source/Simulate mA
Measure mA or V
24V Loop Power
Pressure Switch Test
HART/Profibus Communication
Task Documentation
Data Logging